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The Artist behind the Infection

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Artist Erica Purnell became a keen viewer of city life and her surroundings at a young age. However, Erica constantly moved to new places, which gave her a great independency and showed her that there was much more to the world than the rough city she grew up in and ultimately provided her with a panoramic outlook on life. At an early age, Erica had already decided that she wanted to be an artist.

"Art was always inside me, I guess it's a cliche' to say I was 'born an artist' but artistry runs in my family. I was destined to have the talent and knew I had to make a life from it. I wanted to change and make believers of many who thought they couldn't make it happen even with constant obstacles in their way. I decided at five years old that I wanted to be an artist, it would be my life and I'm on that mission to this day." -Erica Purnell

Now, steadfast on her life journey to continuously bring her dreams into fruition, Erica evolved into the artist known as Pink Eye and founded Pink Eye Fashions in 2003.

As a certified artist, Erica is self-taught in visual art studies and studied Art and Graphic Design in New York City at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Previously, owning a storefront studio in July of 2002, this entrepreneur now has her eyes set on bigger ambitions and is establishing a blossoming operation.